The Idea

ScoutFoto Race Runners spend months training. The perfect picture is always illusive. Their loyal friends and family try to take the best picture. Often, the picture ends up being of strangers. There are too many people at the start point, you don’t know when the runner is passing certain points.

There are typically about 200 people taking pictures at a small race and thousands at a large race. Everyone is a photographer.

ScoutFoto RaceWe take power of everyone’s camera. With this large pool of pictures/videos, we do all the hard work and match the pictures to the right runner based on our image recognition software we have developed. We can even break apart videos, creating clips of each runner. Now the runner will have the power of the crowd and have a collage of the best pictures of themselves from all these different cameras.

ScoutFoto Race Our image recognition software has over 2,500 optimized algorithms, to detect and recognize faces and bib numbers. The key is having users load up their images and bibs from the race. This ensures consistent lighting, facial features, and bib fonts. User loads up an image of their bib and enters in the number providing us the key for precise matching.